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Your website design says a lot about your brand. Make a good impression on your visitors with a custom website created by experts in SEO, website development and graphic design.At Auto+ Performance, our web design service extends beyond crafting visually appealing websites. We are committed to constructing websites that not only boast an attractive appearance but also excel in performance. Our all-encompassing web design service aims to provide you with a website that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and resonates effectively with your target audience.

Why Professional Web Design Matters


Our web design service extends beyond the creation of visually appealing websites. We focus on building websites that not only possess an attractive appearance but also demonstrate excellent performance. Our all-encompassing web design service is crafted to provide a website that aligns with your business objectives and connects effectively with your target audience.


Your website functions optimally on smartphones as per your requirements. We possess expertise in specialized mobile design and mobile web development.


The majority of our websites are created using WordPress, harnessing its SEO and blogging capabilities. Our clients also have the autonomy to make updates on their own.


We will design and develop your website to ensure optimal performance across various screen sizes, including large screens, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

We provide


We serve as your ally in delivering high-quality, comprehensive web design and development solutions throughout North America. Dedicated to creating websites that boost conversions and revenue, we accompany you throughout the entire process. Starting from the initial planning and wireframing stages to project deployment and ongoing post-launch maintenance and support, our team is dedicated to ensuring the success of your website.


Every month, we will discuss any website issues, providing honest assessments and personalized support. Our team of WordPress experts will ensure seamless updates, proactive security scans, regular backups, and handle security fixes. Plus, we’ll configure Google Analytics and Google Console for optimal performance. Trust us to keep your website running smoothly.


At Auto+ Performance, we employ advanced techniques to boost your website’s ranking. Through meticulous analysis of your website’s structure, content, and backlink profile, we identify areas for improvement. Our comprehensive services include keyword research, optimizing on-page elements like title tags and meta descriptions, enhancing content, building links, optimizing for local search, and improving technical aspects like speed and mobile-friendliness, as well as implementing schema markup.


Discover our security service, where we seamlessly safeguard your website with cutting-edge security services. Detect and remove malware instantly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience, while we patch vulnerabilities to prevent disruptions and provide secure backups. Count on our team to protect against advanced threats. Trust us to optimize your online security effortlessly.


Experience peak online performance with Auto+ Performance’s top-tier WordPress development. We create high-performance websites with tailored themes and plugins for unmatched user experiences. Get custom solutions, ongoing support, and maintenance—all under one roof. Elevate your digital presence with Auto+ Performance today.


Utilize our seamless performance analysis monitoring service. Without any installation, we continuously assess your web pages for quality and loading time issues, providing real-time insights on your dashboard. Stay effortlessly updated with weekly emailed reports showcasing the evolution of your page’s key performance indicators, ultimately enhancing SEO. Let us elevate your website’s performance effortlessly.



This was an entire new build website – from fine-tuning the pages to building the interactive game, school locator, and portals, this was such a fun project!

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