The Proven Power Of Social Media Marketing

Social media is inescapable, making this the most important form of marketing you can invest in to increase the reach and visibility of your business.  

According to Hootsuite’s global annual report, 85% of consumers within your local community engage with social media every day. Hands down, social media marketing is the most affordable and reliable way for you to connect with customers, build your company’s brand, drive website traffic, and ultimately increase sales

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing on social platforms such as TikTok, X, or Meta is a highly effective way to interact and leave a lasting impression with your audience. By focusing your efforts on these ubiquitous platforms, you can turn followers into dedicated customers with a minimum of effort.

Understanding your audience, developing resonant content, and adjusting for the dynamics of social media are key elements in this process. By mastering these, you will enhance your digital identity and anchor your brand as an influential presence in the industry, resulting in stronger connections with customers and unprecedented growth.

Our specialized social media marketing services amplify your brand’s presence on the Internet with your target audience in mind. We’ll fine-tune your social media approach—everything from content to engagement techniques—to not only expand your reach but also to foster enduring connections.

Our proprietary strategy goes beyond mere visibility; it nurtures an active, engaged online community, transforming your social channels into an incubator for customer interaction and brand loyalty.

Monthly Automotive Social Media Subscription Tool
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Automotive Social Media Subscription

Wouldn’t it be great to have a powerful and affordable (yet oh so easy) way to grow brand awareness in your local market—and beyond? Our low-cost automotive social media marketing tool, geared specifically for businesses like yours, gives you the power to accelerate growth and customer retention, all at the click of a button.

500+ Social Media Post Ideas

Take your business to the next level of success, with more than 500 social media posting ideas geared specifically to the automotive industry and presented in an easy-to-navigate digital document. Choose from an impressive array of auto-related content, designed by our industry experts to attract and retain customers. We’ve covered every possible angle: posts about collision repair, posts to keep your customers engaged—even posts to mark all the important holidays, both Canadian and American.

As the icing on the cake, we’ll even send free tips each month to help you become your very own social media marketing specialist! With so much inspiration and guidance at your fingertips, you’ll quickly learn how to create meaningful and valuable content for current and future customers to engage with and enjoy.

Onsite Social Media Management

Take advantage of our Onsite Social Media Management service, and allow us to curate, manage, and analyze your automotive company’s social media presence. Our photographers and videographers will personally come to your facility and create content that will be scheduled a month in advance.

From there, we will manage every aspect of your social media efforts—providing you with content calendars, draft posts for your approval, and comprehensive insight reports based on the current month, quarter, and/or year. This plan can support Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn, depending on your company’s strategy and budget.

Remote Social Media Management

Remote Social Media Management allows you the ultimate control over the content your audience gets to see. Send Auto+ Performance your visuals, and we will use them as a starting point to create a month’s worth of original, industry-specific posts designed to attract and retain your ideal customers.

That’s not all! We’ll create content calendars and design posts for your approval for Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn, depending on your marketing budget and strategy. What’s more, you’ll have the benefit of invaluable insight reports, delivered monthly, quarterly, and/or annually, to help fine-tune your future strategies.


Elite Body Shop Solutions Social Media Marketing

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