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500+ Inspiring Collision Repair Social Media Post Ideas


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Is your collision repair social media accounts in need of some inspiration?

Is your collision repair facility wanting to gain business and brand awareness on social media but not sure where to even begin?

Additionally, are you looking for support on what would be good things for a Collision Repair Facility to post about so that you maintain interest for your current customers or future leads?

These 500+ collision repair social media marketing ideas will leave you with over a years worth of content ideas that you can use to build, create, and post great social media content on your own.

As a company that specializes in social media marketing for the automotive industry, we know exactly how to grow businesses on social media. We know what your customers want to see and hear in order to build strong relationships, and brand awareness in your local communities and it starts with having the right strategy in place.

One of the most important things to remember with regard to social media is that everything should provide your customer with value of some kind. Whether that’s information, education, or laughter. It is a platform that encourages people to give knowledge and entertainment, and in return, your customers will follow and support you because they like your message, and your brand.

Our 500+ Collision Repair Social Media Post Ideas are laid out in a fully-loaded digital document and include a mix of both automotive-related content and content to better engage and get to know your customers.

What’s included in the 500+ Collision Repair Social Media Post Ideas?

What does this Package Include?

  • 500+ Collision Repair Social Media Post Ideas
  • Important Holidays (USA and Canada)
  • Collision Repair Content
  • Customer Engaging Content
  • Tips each month on the most important things you need to know about Social Media Marketing!

What does this Package NOT include?

  • Actual Photos, Videos, or Reels
  • Captions
  • Customer Engagement
  • Researched Hashtags
  • Us posting the content for you

If you are interested in us creating the social media content for you, we’ve created two other options to support our customers with regard to Social Media Marketing and working with any size budget.

If you’re looking for more than just ideas, a lower cost option but everything is done for you except the posting and engagement of your Social Media Channels, perhaps you’ll enjoy our Monthly Content Subscription where we provide the photos, captions, and hashtag recommendations for you to use and post for your Collision Repair facility.

Another option is hiring us to do all the socializing for you, where we build, engage and post on your Collision Repair Facilities social media pages and all you need to do is sit back and gain the benefits and power of social media marketing. Check out our custom Social Media Management packages where we build the content on behalf of your business.

With over 85% of your customers actively engaging on Social Media today in your local communities, it’s not a question if your business should be on Social Media, but when.

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