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Child, Car, Collision Repair, Founder Story

My story begins growing up with a loving and hard-working family of five and a passion not only for the automotive industry, but a passion to help others as well.

Family photo, Divito Family, Founder Story

My father started his career as a collision apprentice when he was twenty years old. Since the day he picked up his first tool, he never looked back and never left the industry. After many years of dreaming and saving his money, when I was two years old, my father stopped working for others and started his very own collision repair facility with his four brothers where they built a great reputation and brand for themselves.

During all the years of my dad owning his shops, I remember a lot of my memories was visiting him for lunch while he worked many full-day and nights to provide for his family and make his dreams a reality. With many ups and downs, my parents fought to overcome the daily challenges of owning a business. These struggles taught me about sacrifice, dedication, and hard work and what it takes for a business to grow and succeed.

Child, Car, Collision Repair, Founder Story

After 10 great years of hard work, he made the decision to start his own shop with my mother.

At seventeen years old, I started working for my parents learning about sales, marketing, bookkeeping, taxes, management systems, and more. Two years later, I got my first automotive corporate job where I travelled the country to support other automotive businesses with business best practices.

During my travels, I started to notice how many of the facilities I’ve visited were dealing with the same challenges my parents had been facing and struggling with all these years. The struggles of not knowing if you’ll be able to pay your bills that month, the insecurities that come from not having consistent sales and income, the challenges of wanting to grow but not knowing where to begin, and the list goes on.

This really bothered me as I wanted to help and make a difference but didn’t know-how.

I have worked as a business coach in the automotive industry for over 18 years earning my stripes. I have seen and worked with hundreds of car dealerships and collision repair shops across North America. I have lived in Canada, and I have lived in the United States.

After many great years of working for two large automotive corporations, I decided to finally start my own corporation to help automotive businesses find solutions to their everyday business struggles.

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Auto+ Performance was built to help collision repair facilities and dealerships overcome their business challenges by starting with a powerful all-in-one, marketing strategy that helps them grow, endure, and succeed in the market. We want to see people make it. We want to see family businesses grow and flourish. We want to repay all the hard work they have been putting in.


At Auto+ Performance, your business’s success is vital to us. It’s what makes us get up in the morning. It’s why we exist as a company.





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Venessa Di Vito

Venessa Di Vito

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Venessa is the owner and founder of Auto+ Performance, a full-service automotive marketing and solutions company specializing in generating growth in sales, traffic, and customer retention for Collision Repair, Car Dealership and Automotive Businesses within their local communities and target markets.

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