Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Collision Repair Facility

Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is that one holiday that is supposed to be full of everything magical, cheery, and bright. But, to some, it can also be one of the most stressful and difficult times of the year. Trust us, we understand.

Between a fluctuation in store hours and scheduling, employees taking time off, planning and coordinating staff holiday events, and having to shop for professional holiday gifts- it’s likely you’re going to see this holiday season as something a lot more daunting and much less exciting, but we encourage you to spend a little bit of time tapping into some Christmas spirit this year. It can make a world of difference in the lives of your staff and clients- you won’t regret it.

The good news? As experts in the automotive business industry, we can help you check off all of the people on your nice list this year. Whether you’re a collision repair center, car dealership or auto repair shop, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 must-have gift ideas to add some holiday cheer to your collision repair facility this year.

Our solution? Tell the Grinch good-bye and find joy in the gift of giving this season.

Easier said than done, right but, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the work to source out some of the best holiday gifts for you to buy for an employee, use as stocking stuffers, purchase for a client, or even to surprise your boss with!


Check out our top 10 gift ideas for your collision repair facility below.


Driving Home for Christmas- Ugly Christmas Sweater

Driving Home for Christmas, Sweater, Ugly Christmas Sweater, Cars

Not to fear, your ugly Christmas sweater for your next holiday event is now here.

‘Driving Home for Christmas’, the sweater may be ugly but the meaning behind the sweater is really what counts.

This winter essential is the perfect gift for your boss, employees or for your next holiday event, it’s a sweater that symbolizes all that we do. A definite must have!

Does the sweater feel like a little too much for your taste? No worries, how about the tie?

Purchase now: Click Here


The Tape Thing Caddy

masking tape, prep cars, tape

You’re going to want to stick close to this idea;  Refinish and Prep Technicians are RAVING over this product on social media, and if you’ve never purchased The Tape Thing for any of your team members, then you’re in for a sticky treat!

Not only do shops throw away thousands of dollars in time and money on lost, damaged, or otherwise misplaced tape, it must be frustrating for a technician to be holding the tape in his mouth or wrist constantly!

The Tape Thing is a magnetic tool that spools off easily from your hand and sticks tape to booth walls, prep carts, tool boxes, or any other metal surfaces; it’s the perfect combination to the automotive refinish role.

The best part? It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. So not only will it feel like a jolly Christmas surprise, but it will also help them in their day-to-day tasks. Talk about a win-win!

Purchase now: Click Here



LED Rechargeable Car Flashlight with Hook and Magnet

flashlight, car, magnet, car repair

Fortunately, the world of technology has made it possible for us to work efficiently in any type of light and one great tool that helps is the rechargeable LED car flashlight with hook and magnet. This rechargeable, durable, and flexible arm magnetically attaches to metal surfaces, like the hood of a car, providing the bright light you need any time of day.

This purchase provides two flashlights, allowing any technician to use one and charge the second so there is a constant stream of light for any auto repair situation.

Or leave one at work and take the other home for another great option to use by magnetically attaching the light to your barbeque while sizzling up your favorite meal.

An excellent gift for anyone, this falls into the category of helpful holiday must-haves.

Purchase now: Click Here



20oz Black Yeti Rambler Travel Coffee Mug

Coffee, Mug, YETI, Tumbler, 20oz

No morning is ever complete without a warm cup of Joe, even if that hot coffee was made two hours ago and you’re just getting to your first sip after a busy morning. Thankfully the Yeti coffee mug keeps your hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours while leaving the outside of the cup cool to the touch, all thanks to vacuumed double-wall insulation.

The 20oz option is the perfect fit for standard car cup holders and comes in various colors (prices may vary) to fit everyone’s personality.

The way to someone’s heart is through coffee.

So, purchase a Yeti mug now: Click Here



“The Secrets to America’s Greatest Body Shops” Book By Dave Luehr

book, body shop, collision repair

A book, written by an automotive expert himself, Dave Luehr, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the biggest secrets, lessons, and mindset changes he discovered during his more than three-decade tenure in the automotive industry. An excellent read for anyone at any level of the automotive industry, this is a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to a growth mindset in the workplace.

According to the book’s summary, “The book will challenge you to think differently, explain how to reduce your dependency on DRPs, and provide many tips needed to grow the sustainable, profitable business you have always dreamed of.”

Purchase the book here: Click Here



Lego Mustang Project

lego, build, project, car, mustang

This one is for all those mustang lovers (you know who you are). Instead of repairing a car over the holidays, build this masterpiece instead! It’s twice the fun with half the intensive labor. Sure, it might send your mind on some puzzling tricks, but at least your hands won’t be covered in grease. Once complete, display it in your office or favorite room of your home.

This is also a great gift for an aspiring automotive kiddo.

Buy now: Click Here


“What Cars Say” By Rachael Alfonso

book, car noises, childrens book

Have a toddler or little kid in your life that just loves everything to do with cars? Then, we’ve got the perfect gift for them. “What Car Say” by Rachael Alfonso features 21 car sounds, colorful illustrations, and fun facts about each car told in a rhyming form.

A love of cars starts at a young age, don’t miss out on sharing this fun and interactive gift with the child in your life.

Buy the book here: Click Here


Office Desk Phone Stand

charger, stand, phone, cell phone, iphone

This is the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a boss’s office desk or employee’s toolbox!

There is never a time when we don’t have our phones with us. In our pockets, hands, backpacks, or cars, phones travel with us everywhere. Make it a little easier to leave your phone by the wayside by giving a phone stand this season. The perfect way to keep up with your notifications while remaining hands-free, a phone stand can be used in both the home and work setting. Add to a gift basket, purchase as a Secret Santa present or stick it in a stocking- everyone is sure to love this one.

Purchase now: Click Here



Eat, Sleep, Fix Cars and Repeat Car Socks

socks, car, fix cars, car socks

There is just something about a pair of socks that makes everyone’s face light up. From their cozy appearance to the relaxation vibes they exude, everyone needs cool socks in their lives.

The perfect gift for your shop employees, these “I’d rather be in the garage” socks are a fantastic way to express their love of their job when they’re away from the shop. Add them into a stocking or pair them with a bigger gift to say “thank you for all of your work this year.”

Get cozy here: Click Here


Car Key Holder

keys, car key holder, belt loop

Never lose another set of keys again! This car key holder is the ideal gift for all employees and technicians who not only have to worry about their own car keys but many different keys in general. This durable and functional key holder attaches to your belt loop, making it a rust-resistant, heavy-duty, and perfect solution to your car key handling experience.

Snag the keychain here: Click Here



Here’s a little reminder to avoid feeling like this is the most stressful time of the year and experience the magic, cheer, and brightness that the holiday season brings.

We’ve made it as easy as “add to cart” for you. There may be no better feeling than gifting to those you care about during the holiday season, especially when it comes to your tried-and-true family in the automotive industry. We hope you can check off all of your holiday gift list using our trusted guide.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Auto+ Performance!

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