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Listed below are some of our guidelines for the Job Hub: • Don’t discriminate- Jobs must be made available to qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Jobs may also not exclude smokers from applying. Employers may state that smoking is not allowed on-site or at the workplace but may not specify that a candidate cannot smoke outside of work hours in private. (more…)

Auto + Performances Job Hub and our HR Strategy are newly launched. We received a lot of complaints from Collision Centres, Dealerships, and Auto Repair shops that they're in a crisis when it comes to finding the right people and retaining them.

The Job Hub has many well-known Automotive customers throughout North America.

Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed on the Job Hub. However, our HR strategy Plan and documents can guide and support you along your hiring process.

Since we are Automotive specific it lowers the chances of people ghost-applying. For example, do you find that many of your applicants apply for the job then you never hear back from them? That’s where the term “ghost applying” comes from. By our Job Hub being specifically made for automotive jobs means there is a higher chance that people are applying with the intent of following through with their application.

No, we cannot guarantee employees after using our Job Hub because nothing is guaranteed. However, we have many different techniques and strategies to help set your automotive business up for success. Please review our directory to seek further information!

Yes, all job postings will be submitted for review after the employer completes their job posting.

All job posts posted on the Job Hub will be submitted for review after the employer completes it.

When posting your jobs, you should always provide information specifying the terms of the position (full-time, part-time, contract and have the option to include salary information.

Here are some examples of what the avoid when posting your jobs on our Job Hub: • Cliché Phrases- These terms are often used to hide the less-desirable duties in a role. The term “self-starter” often means that the role will lack clear leadership and direction. Be upfront about the responsibilities in the role that might be challenging for people or save it to discuss in the interview. (more…)

Here are some tips when writing your job descriptions on the Job Hub: • Detail the day-to-day responsibilities of the position in terms a person with professional or specialized knowledge would understand. • Mention the corresponding job title multiple times in each job description. • Make sure to specify any required or preferred certifications or degrees the role requires. • Avoid acronyms and internal jargon in descriptions that quality job seekers would not search for.

Yes, the Job Hub will provide employers with tools such as templated descriptions for each position in your Automotive field. The job descriptions can be changed or modified to your specifications.

The Job Hub is currently being worked on by our team to make it mobile-friendly for users to access on their mobile devices.

All candidates that click on your job posting will be directed to your job post on the Job Hub so, that they can review all the details for the job before applying.

Our Job Hub unlike other job posting platforms is automotive-specific and targets our industry specificity. We even provide you with Automotive specific job descriptions already made for you to use in just a few clicks. There are also options to edit each description on our Job Hub to better suit what you’re looking for in an employee.

If you've noticed any errors in payments with your job posting please reach out to our team to see about getting a refund.

No, we don't offer any refunds when signing up for the Job Hub. However, we do offer our customers the option to cancel their subscriptions at any point. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your job postings, try reaching out to one of our experts to get further tips and information on how to better your results with your job postings.

No, there are 0 cancellation fees for the Job Hub. If you are unsatisfied with the services or results of the Job Hub you will be able to cancel your subscription to the Job Hub at any point. Before cancelling try reaching out to one of our job posting experts to see if there are any further tips or information that could help with your posts.

All Collision Centres, Dealerships, Auto Repair Facilities and Automotive shops are entitled to a one-month free trial for their job posting on the Job Hub. After the one-month free trial, it will be $99.99 monthly per job post.

The estimated completion date for our automotive-specific Job and HR hub is October 1st, 2022. We are just working through the last bit of details on the development of the job hub and once complete, we then need to go bring it to market on "trial" to work out any kinks, if any. Once everything is smooth, we will launch to the public to provide a solution to one of our industry's biggest issues.

Automotive Marketplace

Technically, YES! Although...we do have an approval process and specific criteria that we follow as we won't just list anyone or anything on our marketplace. We are looking for Automotive Businesses that have a great product to sell and provide VALUE to Collision Repair, Car Dealerships and/or Auto Repair facilities all across North America and looking for additional ways to increase their brand awareness. If you have a great product to sell and looking to get more exposure to your products, send us a message at marketplace@autoplusperformance.com.

Estimating Study Groups

We provide best practice solutions while also providing solutions on how to have stronger relationships with your Insurance Companies.  

General Questions

None! We require zero contracts with our customers. The reason for this is that if you are happy with the products and services you're receiving, you won't want to go anywhere else. We feel strongly about the value we bring to the table to our customers and would never want someone to feel stuck in something they don't want to be a part of. We haven't lost a customer yet! :)

We consider ourselves a "one-stop" automotive shop. This includes us being a central spot for Automotive businesses to go and get the tools, resources and solutions they need to achieve their business objectives.   Our Services include;
  • Marketing Services: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Ads, Social Media Advertising, Traditional Advertising, SEO Services, Website Design, Website Development, Email Marketing, Blogs, and more.
  • Automotive Job and HR Site: This includes Job Postings and many different HR services that include Applications, Interviews, onboarding packages, Job Descriptions and more.
  • Estimating Workshops: Monthly Workshops include educating, auditing and providing knowledge to specific components of vehicle repair to help build and strengthen an estimator's understanding of writing estimates.
  • Automotive Directory: This service will provide an automotive business with the resources they are looking for. With automotive businesses being listed in one central spot, this is a great spot to find any reputable business you need to achieve any business objective.
  • Used Equipment for Sale: Looking for a spot to sell that dusty equipment in your shop? List them on our Marketplace!
  • Online Marketplace: Our online marketplace includes selling various automotive products on our website from different distribution partners all across North America.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

An average shop should be committing to at least 3-5% of its operating expenses on local marketing and local relationship building. Independent, Non-DRP Facilities should be contributing 10%+ to their brand.

Social Media Marketing

Your business will reach a larger audience, improves brand loyalty, it's cost-effective, increase brand awareness, Improve customer relationships, and can help your business generate leads and sales!

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing in which companies use networking sites to build relationships with customers and develop a brand voice across different platforms while also determining ways to best reach certain demographics within their clientele.

Click here to view all of our Social Media packages and choose the right one for you! Social Media Management - Auto+ Performance (autoplusperformance.com)   Options include - Creating Inspiration Calendars, Building Shot Lists, Building Reels and Editing Content, Engaging with Local Community Pages/Accounts, Providing Audio, Written Copy, Researched Hashtags, Travel Time and Expenses, Monthly Insights/Performance Reports, etc.

With decades of experience, we have an unmatched level of understanding when it comes to all things automotive, coupled with the right tools and tactics to put you on the front of becoming a customer-centric, profitable business through Social Media.

You don’t need to be an expert in online marketing to know that social media is really popular among consumers. It brings more engagement and awareness to your business. We believe that well-balanced relationships with strategic partners and customers allow you, the owner, to have more control and influence over the way your business operates in the long run. This is our passion, and we want you to live yours with our help.

We currently run 15 Social Media accounts.

When it comes to the fruition of Auto+ Performance, one thing is for certain: a love of all things automotive, a rooted history in the business, and a deep need for innovative automotive marketing led us here.

Nope! We also market for Dealerships, Auto Repair, and Automotive Businesses.

At Auto+ Performance, we recognize that changing the way you operate can feel like a considerable feat, especially if you’ve been in business for a long time. The good news is that we must. With a deep understanding of how the automotive industry operates and decades of knowledge in tried-and-true marketing tactics that produce results, we use your existing business model to help you fine-tune your actions and marketing strategies to align with your end goals. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

We support and help grow automotive brands and local business awareness and engagement by utilizing and embracing the power of digital and social media marketing. With our social media management packages, we look after your entire social media accounts to make your business look its best.

With over 80% of YOUR local customers active on social media every day, is your business spending the time and resources to actively engage and participate on social media? Auto + Performance can help your business by incorporating your goals and helping you achieve them through your social media. Social media helps get the word out about your business which can increase sales, brand awareness, and much more!

Looking to get started on your Social Media Journey but not sure where to begin? We suggest starting with these 8 Easy Steps!
  • Step 1: Determine Approach
    • Where do you want your brand to show up?
    • The more you show up, the better it is!
    • But each platform IS different and requires a different level of time and effort.
    • So, which platform(s) do you choose?
  • Step 2: Study Platform
    • What is the purpose of the platform?
    • What are the benefits?
    • When are the best times to post?
    • What are the best strategies?
    • What are ways to attract new customers and get organic followers?
    • What are the best-paid advertisement strategies?
    • What does the algorithm focus on?
  • Step 3: Make a CONSISTENT Plan
    • Start with a plan
    • How many times per week do you want to post?
    • What is the value that you’d like to provide to your customers?
    • REMEMBER 95% Value, 5% Sales!
    • Then post consistently on those dates and those times!
  • Step 4: Know your audience- Who is your target and demographics?
    • Understanding the customer and your local market…What do they want to see on social media?
  • Step 5: Give VALUE
    • Posting vehicles every day on your Social Media is NOT providing your customers with value. Put yourself in a customer's position for just a moment, what do you think they see when they look at this? What value would this provide a customer?Instead, you can share things that are educational, entertaining, or interesting. 
  • Step 6: Build relationships
    • Ask Questions.
    • Comment and engage with their posts, get to know them!
    • ALWAYS Respond back. If someone took the time to write on your page, write them back.
  • Step 7: Mix up your formats
    • Try different things!
      • Images/Videos/Text/Stories/Reels/Polls/Live Events
      • Tag People/Tag Businesses
      • Ask for Recommendations
      • Ask a Question
      • Create Contests
      • GIF’s
      • Share URL’s/Links
  • Step 8: Measure your RESULTS!
    • How do you know if what your doing is working? We suggest tracking your growth and engagement on a month-to-month basis. You need to know if you’re continuously improving in order for you to grow.

  • Form a stronger relationship with the direct customer
  • Build a strong presence in your community
  • Boost sales
  • Engage and connect with new customers
  • Build and maintain customer reputation
  • Develop long-lasting relationships and loyalty
  • Provide a superior communication channel
  • Gain additional revenue options
  • And more!
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