Here are some examples of what the avoid when posting your jobs on our Job Hub:

• Cliché Phrases- These terms are often used to hide the less-desirable duties in a role. The term “self-starter” often means that the role will lack clear leadership and direction. Be upfront about the responsibilities in the role that might be challenging for people or save it to discuss in the interview.

• Negative Phrases- Some recruiters make job postings exclusive as opposed to inclusive. The point of a job ad is to attract talent, not to give them reasons why they shouldn’t apply. Avoid terms such as “If you do not possess …”, and “Need not apply “Must have three years’ experience” in your postings.

• Aggressive Words- Selecting the right “Power words” can be difficult. Avoid words such as “assertive,” and “dominant”. Instead try using words such as “Motivated, “driven,” or “high-achieving.” Keep in mind that you don’t want your company to appear to be covering up a negative/cut-throat environment.

• Writing in the Third Person– One thing that all great job postings have in common is the ability to get the applicant to picture themselves in the role. This is what creates excitement for the applicants to apply. Example: Phrases such as “The successful candidate will…” can easily be replaced with more inclusive wording such as “In this role, you will…”. Great employers will get the candidates thinking about what it’s going to be like once they get hired.

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