Listed below are some of our guidelines for the Job Hub:

• Don’t discriminate- Jobs must be made available to qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Jobs may also not exclude smokers from applying. Employers may state that smoking is not allowed on-site or at the workplace but may not specify that a candidate cannot smoke outside of work hours in private.

• Pay reliably and fairly- Jobs that people find on the Job Hub should have hourly or salaried wages and should not cost the candidate anything to apply, interview, and begin work.

• Respect Candidate Privacy- Information gathered in the application process should be shared carefully within your company and never made available to 3rd parties.

• Don’t use offensive content- If a reasonable person would consider any aspect of your listing inappropriate or offensive, the visibility of your job may be affected.

• Tell the truth- Provide the true details of your job, including its location, duties and whether the job is being offered by the hiring company or by a recruiter on the company’s behalf.

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