Auto Techcelerators LLC.

Business Address: 12130 Travertine Court

City: Poway Zip Code: 92064

State: California Country: United States (US)

Business Description

Auto Techcelerators, LLC's mission is to help the auto, collision, glass and truck industries properly appraise, manage, and document ADAS related inspections, diagnostics, repairs, calibrations and test drives. Our ADAS CoPilot™ platform, (, is the fastest and easiest way to identify and inspect vehicle ADAS and safety systems. Our Calibration CoPilot™ platform, (, is the best way to offer manage, document and invoice for ADAS calibration and diagnostic services. Our first commercial solution, Test Drive CoPilot™, (, is a patent-pending system designed to help repairers properly perform, manage, document and get reimbursed for test drives and dynamic calibrations.

Category: Health and Safety

Business Tags: Test Drives, Documented Test Drives

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