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Creative design is the process of combining artistic elements and innovative thinking to produce visually appealing and impactful designs. By combining various techniques, such as typography, color theory, and layout, it’s an affordable yet highly effective way to communicate a message or evoke a specific emotion. Leveraging creative design will enhance the visibility of your business and ensure it has a lasting impact in today’s competitive market.

Graphic Design




At Auto+ Performance, we recognize the importance of art and creativity in marketing a business. In fact, perfecting the visual aspects of your brand and backstory is where we really shine, and we love to inspire our customers with our creative enthusiasm.  

From the initial consultation to the timely delivery of your photos and videos, our team is committed to providing next-level service. We strive to exceed your expectations by showcasing professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine passion for our craft in every aspect of our design work.

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Our Vision

Our Cinematography and Photography specialists seamlessly merge tried-and-true creative methodology with the latest editing techniques, resulting in a professional and captivating narrative that perfectly captures your automotive story to match your personal vision.

Your Story

We will assist you through every step of the planning process, paying close attention to all your requirements as we conceptualize your filmmaking or photoshoot needs.

The Goal

Whether you require a corporate ad or a video for a new program offer, we strive to convey your message with clarity and style—going beyond basic visuals to craft a truly cinematic experience.


Impactful, professional photography is crucial to showcasing your automotive business in this fast-paced industry. At Auto+ Performance, we specialize in branding photography and impactful storytelling to attract and engage with your base.

Our photographers excel in all aspects of business photography, going beyond the ordinary and behind the scenes to showcase your success and the people that drive it. From corporate portraits to dynamic office shots, our carefully-composed imagery will reveal the true essence of your workspace and culture.

Rely on us to capture your company’s spirit, connect with customers, and amplify your online presence in all the right ways.


A brand video is crucial in modern marketing, instantly boosting brand recognition, trust, and engagement. As the acknowledged leader in automotive video production, the Auto+ Performance team has produced every kind of video imaginable—including brand videos, social media posts, short documentaries, and campaigns.

We understand the unique needs of different automotive sectors and customize our videos accordingly. Whether it’s a compelling interview to humanize your brand, a short documentary about your company’s journey, or a social media campaign, we’ll expertly bring life to your vision.

Graphic Design

We provide a comprehensive selection of graphic design services to enhance our clients’ websites, social media presence, and overall brand identity. Our offerings encompass brochure design, the development of branding guidelines, business card creation, banner design, vehicle graphics, and more.

Our skilled team of graphic designers is dedicated to crafting the precise aesthetic you desire and delivering high-quality, printer-ready artwork. Explore examples of our logo and graphic design projects here.

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