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Automotive businesses have often struggled to find the services, products, support, and key resources they need to grow and succeed—until now. Here on the Auto+ Performance website, you’ll find a wealth of money-saving automotive solutions to help your business reach new heights. We are proud to be the go-to source for all your needs, so check out the many services we have to offer.

Automotive Directory

We’ve supercharged our comprehensive automotive databases with effortless search capabilities, meaning you can instantly find the data you need about automotive businesses, people, products and services—all with just a few clicks.

Events Calendar

All the automotive events you need to know about in one central spot! Looking for something to do or learn within the automotive industry? Whether you’re an individual or a business, this is the place you need to go to find interesting and exciting industry events—conferences, webinars, auto shows, and more—taking place across North America!

The Automotive Market

Find whatever you need with ease! The automotive market is your one-stop shop for all the automotive products, equipment, tools and supplies that are vital to service your business.

Coaching Services

Spend some time with one of our experienced automotive industry experts to gain invaluable business tips and insights. Our coaching services encompass sales and profit strategies, training, and much more.


Surpass your wildest sales targets by leveraging the power of digital and traditional marketing solutions, including social media management & support, advertising, website design, SEO optimization, email marketing, and more.


Need expert support with bookkeeping or accounting services? We provide both short- and long-term bookkeeping solutions, and even coaching, to assist you through the full cycle: Setup, Payables, Receivables, Payroll, and Bank Reconciliations.

Automotive Job hub

Finally, a job hub that’s truly geared to the needs of the automotive industry. With pre-loaded job description templates and industry-specific search features, we’ve made it easy and affordable to find qualified individuals to hire or connect with potential employers.


Take advantage of our superior estimating solutions to fine-tune your estimates and grow your bottom line. Auto+ Performance has a host of training options you can choose from to master this all-important function, including audits, study groups, remote estimating, and more.

Auto+ Performance

Automotive Marketing

Become the leader in your local market by harnessing the power of automotive marketing solutions! Our powerful, results-driven marketing offerings include Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Content Creation, and more. Ready to learn more? Click here to visit our Marketing Services page, or simply book a call with us today.

Shop Automotive Products

Browse your way through thousands of quality automotive products in our automotive market. This massive inventory collection includes top brands, custom products, and even used items.

Marketing Products
Custom Products
Teroson Products
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North America

Join our Automotive Events to network and build connections with like-minded individuals and industry experts, learn more about our industry, and discover valuable opportunities for growth and learning! Visit our central events calendar where all events are listed in one spot.

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